Hi All

Recently joined the club after buying a '92 900SS in fantastic condition, a real labour of love for the 2 former owners. I hope I can do it justice!! Had a bit of a mare logging on but got there in the end courtesy of Spaggy’s help sheet. Hope to make a few events next year and meet some like minded people. Graham

Hello Graham.
Welcome to the club, which area are you in?

Same as Kev really
Welcome to the club,nice bike enjoy it and bring it to club events etc…always things goin on.
Cheers Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Cheshire Section
The Wirral a great place to live

Welcome Graham,
I presume that it is a white frame and wheels one,
Look great when they are clean, but I prefer the gold frame/black wheels of the 93 cos I don’t like washing polishing.
Is it unmolested? or has it had any changes to standard spec?
Normal mods are Dynojet kit, K&N air filter, top off airbox and a pair of free breathing cans to liberate some Bass sound.

Enjoy it now before the Carburettor icing season arrives.


Thanks for the replies guys. I am in Lincoln so North Lincs will be my local run out. Yes Steve, it is the white framed version but it has black wheels. They’re even worse to keep clean! It has all the “usual” mods as you say including a nice pair of Laser carbon cans. Pics will be posted as soon as we get any sunshine to get it out of the garage.

Living in the Gainsborough locality I’m not so far from Lincoln,
not sure if you are new to the area as well as Ducati ownership, but there’s always a friendly welcome from Phil and the crew at Italia Moto, and we have some of the best, almost empty, bendy roads in the country on our doorstep.

As local branch contact I should be at the monthly meeting at the Salutation Inn at Caistor tonight, but I can’t get away from the work mobile long enough to make the ride, and I don’t normally go in the car unless there is frost on the ground.


Thanks Steve. I have lived in Lincoln for 15 years now and you’re right about having some of the best biking roads locally. I got the bike from V Duo, independent Ducati guys in Lincoln although I believe it may well have belonged to Tony at Italia Moto. Must pop in there one day and say hi. Whatever, it’s putting a smile on my face now.