Hi and a very happy Easter to you all

Hi, I’m Jim and I’ve just got my hands on my 1st Ducati after nearly 27 years (on and off) of motorcycling and 50 odd different motorcycles owned and I can see now what I’ve been missing for all these years. She’s a 1998 900ss EI in red (what else?), Brembo brakes, 29K miles, FSH, Datatagged and a few sensible mods such as Sil exhausts (sound yummy… and loud), BMC high flow air filter, open clutch cover, tinted screen, shorty adjustable levers, mini indicators, tail tidy and Hel red braided brake lines. She looks, sounds and rides wonderfully, though a little lumpy in the mid-range about 60mph but is fine at 50 or 70 possibly might just need a remap due to the exhausts or something I don’t know I’ll look into it but over all I’m very happy. I’ve always wanted a 916 (to be honest who hasn’t?) but they’ve always been a bit too out of reach for me and probably a bit impractical for day to day use (if I did have one I’d probably say “who cares” mind) so in the meantime this one will do nicely and is a good introduction to the legendary Italian brand and if anything has only heightened my lust for the holy grail (916). Cheers all and have a happy Easter… don’t eat too many of those chocolate eggs you’ll only regret it tomorrow. :laughing:

Jim (Petrolhead)

Does anyone know if there’s anything happening club wise here in the South West? I’m in East Devon by the Dorset border and as far as I can tell all the local clubs seem to be inactive. Would be nice to meet up with some like minded people every once in a while and maybe attend some events. :mrgreen:


[size=150]Welcome the forum. nice bike. I would like a 916 too :slight_smile:[/size]

Thanks Mr Pugwash, I knew I wouldn’t be alone in my lusting over a 916, one day…one day it shall be mine.

Hi Jim, welcome to the DOC GB Forum and Ducati ownership from me!
The Dorset branch is quite active, also the Somerset branch - or are they too far away from you?
Hope you had a happy Easter - I’ve just finished my Easter eggs … :wink:

Wotcha, welcome to the nut house!
Obviously a person of good taste wanting a 916, love mine to bits.

Hi Jim, welcome to the club, enjoy your 900ss, looks spot on. It only took me 18 years to get my 916!! I’d been off riding bikes for a couple of years wanted something gentle to get back into it again (didn’t want a sports bike!). Told a friend of my plans and that the only sports bike I would consider bending my back over these days was my dream bike the 916, and that wasn’t likely. To then be told someone he knew was going to sell one, fate, timing, who knows!!
Like Rick above I love it to bits, well worth the wait :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome guys and it’s nice to know that dreams do come true after all… albeit with a little patience and perseverance so there’s still hope for me. Till then I’ll just enjoy my 900ss.

excellent! :slight_smile: