Hi and restoration of 900ss 1992

Hey chaps,

I’m Thomas, French guy expatriate for work reasons in London.
Passionate about pretty everything who have an engine (passion from my dad I think) I owe with him a beautiful Caterham R500 racecar, doing together some track days and AM Caterham race over the EU.

I have a Triumph Thruxton, lots of work on it, cafe racer mods, stayed if France.

I’ve always been in love with 90’s “square” Ducati : 851, 888 and 900ss especially the white frame.
So recently I bought this might 900ss 1992 (I think) first road registration 03/1993 from Austria. The bike had been stored in a museum for 6 years.
Shore way logistic, Manchester based carrier did an amazing job from Austria to my place, for a very fair price (I recommend if you need).
I started this week end with disassembly and cleaning. For the moment it don’t seems to be a big job : carb clean, cambelt, tank clean, filter etc.

After the bike being restored, I will MOT her and register.
I will need a COC, Certificate of conformity, if anyone has an idea of how to obtain, welcome.
I will do the bike dating with the club.

I will keep you updated on this restoration.


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If you fill out all the details on the website then Pete who does all the bike dating for the club will be in touch, lovely bike.

Hello Martyn,
Thank you, I will do it this week, once I have clean up the engine to see the number.

Regarding the COC, I’ve sent an email to ducati UK and Italy waiting their answer.
I’ve also emailed Ducati Austria, they replied quickly this morning. As its a 1992 manufactured bike, its before any EU homologation, “So it exist for this bike only the national single homologation” I have this single homologation book in german, with stamp and picture of the bike at its arrival in Autria for registration. He advise to see with Ducati UK, hope they will answer, but saw over the net on other Ducati forum that they dont answer anymore for CoC email.
I saw as well on DVLA website that I cannot apply for Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval as this bike is more than 10 Yo.
If anyone has an idea of how to obtain a CoC from Ducati UK, Thanks.


It is something Pete will know about, I am not sure if you can actually get one any more, the UK does not want bikes being brought in

Hey Martyn, ok I will see with Pete.

As a French man used to bored and strict french administrative paperwork I had in mind that UK was a wonderful country where everything can be road legal and easily registered like all the beautiful small car builder you have ( caterham, mk, westfield, bac mono, radical etc) that are impossible to register in France.
Some ducati dealer that I’ve contacted today told me that it is impossible for them to give me a CoC as the bike was registered before EU homologation and outside the UK. One of them told me with the Austrian registration paper, the dating paper from DOCGB and a mot it should be fine. I’ve sent an email to DVLA but not sure they will answer due to Covid understaff.

I will fill the form for dating today.