Hi Everybody!

Hi Everybody, I’m from Derby (East Midlands). I’m riding Ducati 749, I decided to join this forum after “ducatisti forum” has been suspended by admin. I hope I’ll find here many usefull information about Dukes and meet many people crazy about Dukes like myself.

Hi Casey749, a welcome from me to this forum. Nice bike, any pics?
Plenty of info on here and I’d say that everyone here is as crazy about Ducatis as you are! :slight_smile:

hi, yep desmo is correct about the crazy folks here :laughing:
welcome aboard the good ship doc :smiley:

Hi Casey749, I dont think we are too far apart- I am based M1 Jtn 30 and a couple of us are meeting at mcdonalds at 0900 tomorrow 16/10/11 for a ride around the peak district and a brekky somewehere like the woodbine cafe at edale- if you fancy it you’ll be welcome…indeed open to anybody else who wants a few hours in the morning sunshine…cheers will :smiley: