Hi everyone

Hi all…just joined. I’ve got a Ducati 853r and have a tuning business in the North East…Durham city actually. I’ve had my Duc from new and modified it ever since. It’s got 138 at the back wheel on our Dyno and goes rather well. Hoping to learn lots on hear and generally talk bikes.

Sounds lovely, did it start out as 748 ?? look forward to seeing it sometime !!

Hi Ducati 853r,
Welcome - and I look forward to seeing some pics of your bike :slight_smile:

Hi mate
Nice to hear from you and welcome to the club
You get out of a club what you put into it get involved and Im sure you will enjoy/!!
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Wirral Branch Rep

Meet from about 7 pm, burger and a pint for 5 quid

Hi and welcome to the club forum chap,

That bike sounds interesting, 138 rwbhp is pretty serious power from “only” 853cc’s please tell us more about it…
What revs it peaks at,
Where it’s peak power is,
What torque it kicks out.
Are you “Just” using 748R cams and if so how are they timed in Centre line terms,
Comp’ ration, valve sizes etc???

I also like playing with/tuning motors, my old '92 851 is now 916cc with 128 RWBHP at 9,200 rpm and 76.5 ft lbs of torque.
It pulls like a freight train from as low as 3,000 rpm with a flat torque curve, just grunt all the way to peak revs without any dips in the power curve.
I’ve gathered together the parts to build either a 955 or 984cc motor which I’m very confident will hit 136 RWBHP at under 10,000 rpm and well into the 80’s + ft lbs of torque.
I’m using 916/996SPS “T1” cams set to my own CL’s and 35/30 valved 916SP heads.
So I’m fairly sure that there’s a lot more available, but the factory race 888/926cc bikes found the limit of the chassis at around 136 RWBHP.
For this reason I look for maximum grunt but under 137 RWBHP and at under 10K RPM to keep the crankcases together.
Troy Bayliss’s BSB Championship winning JHP tuned 996cc Desmoquatro hit 169 RWBHP, so your 853 shouldn’t tie it’s chassis in knots…

Steve R