Hi from bonny Scotland

Hi all.
I live in Aberdeenshire, and aye we’ve got snow though it’s raining now but more snow forecast this week.
I’m new to Ducati, I just got my first one about a month ago. I had a Tiger 800XC but found it a bit too tame, so traded her in for a Hypermotard 1100 Evo. What an awesome machine, love her but can’t take her out now due to snow and ice. :frowning:
So I have fitted an Anti-clank clutch pressure plate and open cover, also spent some time fitting a 22lt fuel tank, should almost double the range, great!!! Bit expensive though, but worth it in my opinion.
A few other bits to fit this winter too.
Maybe even try the clutch mod to make it a little quieter. By fitting a friction plate to the inside first. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
Cheers for now

Hi from another newbie to the forum ( tho not so new to Ducati )
That looks pretty dam awesome! I’m sure it’ll not be the last Ducati you’ll own!!

Hello up there, bike looks good, I like the noisy clutch but lots don’t, hope to up there in Spring, not sure if we will make it that far up there !!!

Hello there, welcome to the forum, Hypers are loads of fun, I would try a closed clutch cover first.

Hi chap,

Packing out the clutch pack as per the “Silent clutch mod” on Ducati up North puts an extra load on the gearbox bearings, it isn’t a good idea IMO.
I know people do it and it does make the clutch more quite, but I’d rather put up with the clanking clutch than wreck the gearbox bearings or…
Hush my mouth spend some cash on a new clutch. :wink:

Here’s a little tip but I’m not too sure a “careful” Scot will take the advice?
Fit an alloy basket and alloy backed friction plates, they make a hell of a lot less noise than the steel items.

Steve R

Hi and thanx for the replies.
Steve I’d love to get an ally clutch set up but think I will take your advice and learn to love the noise. :smiley:

Hi Chig,
… and welcome from me!
Steve R’s advice is excellent, there’s nowt wrong with the jangly clutch noise! :smiley:

[size=150]Hello from the other end of the country and welcome to the wonderfull world of Ducati. Nice looking Hyper. Closing in the clutch will make a big difference and some termi’s would help, or just learn to love the clank of clutch![/size]