Hi from Cannock

Hi everyone,

I’ve just rejoined the club after a break of about 8 years, (I think, I’m sure Jilly will correct me)… It’s been a tough few years with the recession, redundancy etcetera, but I was only without a bike for about two years. I’ve been back on an old 600ss for a year before swapping it recently for an equally old ST2. I’ve spent today removing the Data Tool after a week of false alarms and I’m looking forward to a second (but peaceful) week of ownership.

Mainly for commuting these days, my daily run is Cannock to Telford and back, I hope to see some of you around. I’ve got the wife interested and intend to get out and about a bit.


[size=150]Welcome back Martin. ST2 is a great bike, I like mine. [/size]

Great stuff, not a million miles way up in Manchester, hope to see you out and about somewhere

Hi Martin,
and ‘welcome back’ from me! Yes, I think it is 8 years - where did they go to??? Redundancy struck here too …
How’s the ST2 now? All sorted and peaceful?
Cheers, Jilly

Thanks Guys, its good to be back.
The ST is proving great Jilly, I’m “personalizing” it a bit, Datatool gone, heated grips removed, decent gear lever, I can now change gear and the battery is staying up so I’m really pleased with it.
Hope to see some other members out and about.

Hello Martin, welcome back.
The West Mids is your nearest meeting, next one’s on the 22nd July, let’s hope it stays nice for then.

Bike sounds great, Martin, any pics?