Hi from Cardiff


Had this 94 SS two years now, standing for four before purchase. Been tinkering and learning a bit but these two issues have me scratching my head.

900SS Rad mounting issue. Rubber radiator mounting bung has come away from cylinder head leaving smooth stud head with no obvious way of removal and I want to check what to do, any one come across this???

Also towards the end of last season the bike started to loose power and breathing wise felt like it was sucking on a vacuum.Tried all the usual and to cut along story short I ended up having to get new carbs. I haven’t had a chance to get it well warmed up yet although it starts well in the garage after I fitted the new carbs,any one experienced this type of power loss on an SS?

Hello Dave 900SS,
welcome to the DOC GB forum. Sorry to hear about the problems with your bike, I’m sure that someone will be on here soon with some answers - have you posted the problem onto the other pages here?