Hi from Ironbridge!

Hi All,
New to the club and just bought my first Duke, an old ST2. After 40 odd years of riding Brit Iron and various Japanese bikes, I now have something that goes round bends and stops when I apply the brakes. :smiley: A strange feeling as my last 12 months was spent riding a 66 year old Francis Barnett. Living in Ironbridge we have the usual bike ‘rally’ every Saturday and Sunday. So keep a look out on the bridge for the black ST2, the rider with a bald head, broken nose and no front teeth. (I had a ‘discussion’ with a Shire Horse!) Cheers Phil

[size=150]Welcome. You are in a nice place there with some great roads. We were in the area the weekend for the Seven Valley Rally. ST2 is a great bike too.[/size]

Hi Phil,
and welcome from me! :slight_smile:

Hi Phil. Nice choice with the st.
Ironbridge is one of the west mids branch haunts. On a meet night we sometimes pop over for chips or just a bimble out.
pop over to a meet and say hi, details in the branch section on here.

Thanks for the welcome guys! Did my first decent ride on Sunday on the ST2, 250 miles around Wales and out to the coast.
Funny how people ride here as a focal point, and I always ride away from it! Bike developed a horrendous vibration/misfire on the way back :frowning: Guess this is were I jump to the technical forum!