Hi from Scotland

Hi guys, only just getting round to joining here, sorry, dunno why its taken me so long.

Jumped over from a Yamaha FZR600 to a Ducati 749 back in 2008 and been grinning ear to ear ever since.

Got involved with the Scottish Ducati Club committee a few years ago and somehow ended up as the President last year!

Had the pleasure of spending part of last summer with Martyn out at WDW/WPM and also some of you guys recently at our visit to Squires last month.


Hi RobbieT, welcome to the DOC GB forum. Look forward to seeing you at some of the Southern events … :slight_smile:

Hello Robbie, welcome to the forum, did I meet you at the NEC show clubs meet a few years ago?

Hi kev, thanks for the welcome,
no I dont think taht would have been me you met, not made it down to one of those shows yet!