hi from scotland

just thought id open the bar and say hello …just got a 1098s to keep the hyper company and realy looking forward to some less $h11ty weather …jamie :smiley:

Hello and Welcome,
Good combination of bikes for the roads up there.
Think you might have to look quite a long way forward for some better weather.
But keep them taxed and polished ready for any opportunity that presents itself.
One good blast in winter gets your spirits up and keeps you sharper for when the better weather returns.

welcome aboard. stick around its good here :smiley:

cheers guys … normally tend to ride all year anyway …but work away so im only home every other month …my partner just passed her test and has bought herself a mint 695 monster so have been out and about with her this last couple of days …thanks for the welcome :sunglasses:

fair play going out in this weather, been bl**dy freezing down here :open_mouth: