Hi from South Africa

Hallo all

My name is Petrus Nel and I am not into bikes :wink:

I am into old tractors, engines and other farm related vintage equipment

I have recently found a Ducati stationary petrol engine and am looking for any help or information regarding this engine

I know your group are more into the biking aspect of Ducati but maybe somebody can point me in the right direction to get more information.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

i can think of one DOC GB member who may be able to help you, I’ll pass your request on to him

Thank you.

That’s interesting, I’ve never seen one of those before!

Glad I can bring something interesting to the forum :smiley:

Do you perhaps have any suggestions where else I can look or ask for info? Other forums or old Ducati employees?

At this stage the whole Internet is in the dark about these engines.
This is something that Google does NOT know.

I see it is using a Dellorto carburettor but again the 26 20 was not a popular or common model.

With everybody’s help we will piece the history together

Enjoy your week
Ducati Carb pic 1.jpg