Hi from Stevenage

Hello all.

Been a member for about 12 years, but shamefully never used the club website :blush: Only ever had the one Ducati, a 900 Monster of 1996 vintage. Actually that’s not true, I did buy a 1993 ss but only so I could nick the engine, mine had disintegrated-long story & not Ducati parts that failed, & forks. My first experience with the club was the track day at Cadwell in '98 or’99 can’t remember which. I came along with a friend on his ss & proceeded to thrash him round which was very satisfying as he’d done a couple before :smiley: This led to a few years of many track days & lots of modifying to the extent that only the frame, swingarm & mainly smaller parts are left of the original bike.

I spent a ridiculous amount of money on her over the years & don’t regret a penny of it :sunglasses: well apart from the high comp arias piston that fell apart that is. I’ve not used her so much for the last 3 years due to becoming much more involved with my company & making sure it continues despite the best efforts of the banks. This year I’m really going to try to get out more & maybe even get back to the track a bit although by todays bike standards she’s a bit slow. Anyway I’m off for a wander round the forums & see what goes on here.


Hi Steve
Welcome to the Forum, its a bit quiet , but hopefully things will pick up if the weather improves sufficiently.

Very tasty Monster, looks like all the mods are function-related, no unnecessary bling and baubles, which is how it should be.

Got any bits of the 93 SS left? I’ve just acquired a basket case 94 SS which is supposed to be for spares, but I feel a rebuild coming on.


Lovely Monster, nice and clean, not cluttered with goodies

Hi let me know what parts you may be after on steve.rose_bevel@btinternet.com may be able to help

Hi all

Thanks for the comments. Yes it was all modified to be properly light & handle, go faster, it’s the only way forward :mrgreen:

The parts I have left for the ss are a bit random, but here goes: Frame & log book, speedo cable, oil lines, clutch cover, horn, tool kit in bag, vent bottles & hoses, a bit of the trim from around the screen/ignition area,front mudguard, seat side panel RH,rear mudguard, rear light, rear indicators, airbox complete with filter, hugger & chain guard, chain slipper, rear shock, carbs, brake hoses. I also have a few bits I was going to keep, but for the right offers… Yokes, vac fuel tap, clutch slave cylinder, all 3 calipers including the rear hanger, loom, & sidestand. It’d only done about 11000 miles.

Also got a load of monster bits that will never get used: Headlight bowl, number plate bracket, throttle, choke lever & cable, new throttle cables, grey vent bottles, sprocket cover, cambelt covers, carbon heal guards, mirrors, exhaust hangers brackets, wheels (same as ss), 1 front indicator (can’t find the other) hugger, rear mudguard, tea tray, rear indicators, number plate light, rear shock,std flywheel & clutch cover.

I think I need to advertise this lot properly :smiley:

That’s quite a list of “random” bits.
As I said in my reply to cheshire cat, I’ve not got my basket case stripped yet, but if I find anything that does not make the grade for the rebuild I will be in touch.