Hi from the south of France

Just a few lines to say hello from beziers in the south of France and see if anyone is near cheers kev

Hello and welcome to the DOC GB forum, not sure if there are other DOC GB members near to you? (But I’m sure that a few would like to be living in that area!)

Hi Kevin et Bienvenue.

I would certainly swap my Lincolnshire location for Beziers at this time of year.
I used to have a mate at Bram near Carcassonne and he used to say that the riding season was 11 months long, but I would probably have to have a month off in summer as well until I got acclimatised as I don’t ride without my leathers.


Mother in Law has a place just up the road in Plan-d Orgon. Im over that way later this year.
Dont know if i will have the Ducati with me though?

Hello and welcome to the forum.
Nice spot, I bet it’s not raining there today like it is here!


Rain? No rain here in the sunny south …

and no rain here on the sunny Isle of Man :smiley: