Hi from Wiltshire!

Hi All,
I’m Jim from Wiltshire.
Decided to join as I’m on my forth Ducati now (in fact I still have three of them). My main bike is a restored M900 Monster which is in my humble opinion, one of the coolest looking bikes ever made.

I had a M600 before but saw this one for sale and couldn’t resist; I had them both for a while but decided to get rid of the 6 as I simply wasn’t using it much any more.

I’ve recently acquired a '93 900 Supersport which was a cat c bargain on eBay (you may have seen it for sale - yellow frame red fairing). It is a surprisingly different ride but utterly brilliant fun. I’ll be doing a full resto on this one come the autumn.

I’m a bit of an eBay nightmare (wife’s words) and also recently purchased a pretty rare '63 Brio 48. It is so cool but currently in school bus yellow. It’s now in the process of being stripped ready for blasting and paint. I’m hoping to have this ready for Calne Bike fest (I live in Calne so will push it there if necessary!). I’m doing a blog mainly on the brio but the SS will follow it when the time comes.

Happy for you to stop by any time at meek.space.

Hope to meet some of you soon at the meets.

All the best.

Hello Jim,
Look forward to hearing more about your Ducatis - why not write something for ‘Desmo’ too?
See you at Castle Combe for the Hailwood celebrations in July?

And the Southern Rally in Charmouth, not too far from you.

Hello Jim.
Welcome to the forum.