Hi I'm Mike, a returning DOCGB member, now living in Lancashire - new to this forum

I’ve had Ducati’s for the last 20 years, 996, 999s,.Monster, 1198s - never had enough time to ride really but with a bit of life change, I plan to get out and cover some miles…

Hi Mike. I think alot of us have been there , so glad you have got a chance now :+1:.
Regards Brian

Cheers Brian, let’s hope for circumstances to improve and better weather :+1:

Welcome, a nice place to be, if you have Facebook then join Manchester branch, we have a what’s app group as well

Thanks Martyn, yes Manchester is my local branch and looking forward to getting out on some meets next year! No longer on FB but I do use WhatsApp. How do I join the group? Cheers Mike

Private message me your number and I will add you to the grouob