Hi, I'm new to to this forum

I’m new so hello all, I bought my first ST4S second hand in 2005. Then I sold it & bought a Vertemati Supermoto & a Harley Sportster S. I then got rid of the Harley & bought another ST4S - yellow!! I love them but I dont like the snatching as you ride the throttle at lowish revs, ie in traffic. Has anyone got any thoughts on how to cure it? I think its must be mixture. so maybe I have to change the ecu mapping somehow.

Hi my ST2 had since almost new, done 55555 plus miles doesn’t snatch at low revs and you can ride at a snails pace.

Most people say that is my maximum speed anyway.

Hmmm, don’t know about ST2’s mine is very snatchy & it’s really annoying, at 30 ish you have to slip the clutch to keep it smooth

you did not say what gear you are in at 30 when engine snatches?
have you checked sproket sizes?