Hi, John in Reading

Hello DOC members.

I have owned my 900ss Bevel since 1989, but most of that time it’s been in a box (well number of boxes). Finally it is all up together, MOT and tax and now only waiting for the British weather to play ball.

I have some technical questions, which I would value the opinions of other DOC members to help solve. I will post as appropriate.
Keen to hook up on any runs, rallies taking place so will watch the board for anouncements

John in Reading

[size=150]Hi John, welcome to the forum. Check out your local branch Berks and Oxen for meets and ride outs. Find details on website and Desmo.

Welcome, get your questions on and look forward to seeing you at a rally or a do soon.

I’ve got a 900SS Bevel and live just up the road in Didcot. Bevel owners are always welcome to pop in - Even my local Guzzi Le mans owning community police officer is a fan of them! Enough warning may result in a cake being available!