hi lads

hi lads my name is kieran finally after years of wanting a 999 i finall got one the weekend :smiley: :smiley: its a 999s nero in black il post pics later iv had bikes for years mainly kawasaki this my first duke but im having problems taking off the clutch only has 500 miles on it
if i dont give her welly she will conk out and the wheels will lock i dont want to damage it the bite on the clutch is at the very end of the release their is no gradual take off i know its a racing clutch but is this normal any help would be great!

Anywhere near East Anglia?
If you are I know a โ€œman who canโ€

โ€œa man who canโ€ sorry you lost me?

A man who can help
Lovely bike so very rare, I really would like one, I think only 50 brought into the country

As Martyn says, a man who can sort out your clutch, in a professional capacity 'cause thats what he does for a day job, very often the quickest, easiest and in the long run often the cheapest way to get the job done.
Of course if you are no where near East Anglia then there will be someone closer who can help.