Hi, Steve from Notts

ST3 rider, after many years on British bikes and occasional forays with Japanese and Italian, I have become a Ducati fan.
Looking forward to even more good times on this bike…
Let me know if you are in the Worksop area…

Hi Steve

Pleased you have seen the light, after years in the darkness. :slight_smile:

North Lincs Meetings at Caistor are a bit of a trek from Worksop, but there’s not much club activity on your patch.

May see you at Willingham Woods or Italia Lincoln or one of the other gathering places over the summer (if we get one).

Check out the Buell and Italian day at The Lincs Aviation Hertiage Centre next Bank Hol Mon if you are interested in the sound of RR Merlins as well as V-twins.


[size=150]Welcome to the forum Steve. Pleased to see you saw the light.[/size]

Hi Steve, and welcome from me!

Hello from me, a Derbyshire dweller. Seems we are in a void between all the groups. Shame the East Mids branch was not sustainable.