Hi There .

Hello ,
Strange this haven’t had to introduce myself to anyone new for years :wink: , so here goes … My name is Howard and Happily for me I live opposite where the Sussex Branch have chosen now to meet .D’oh that is the " Plough " in Lower Beeding so do come along and have a Drink ( yes I do get paid by the Landlord )
Oh Yeah !!! I am the proud owner of a 2012 1200 s Multistrada and this is my first Ducati and I have owned it for over a year now and am extremely pleased with it … Do hope to met more of you as time goes on . Anyone going to the TT races this year maybe meet you there .



Welcome to the forum and world of Ducatisiti.

I am not travelling to the TT because I am lucky in that I live here on the Isle of Man so hope you can join some of the club events planned for the TT period. Details can be found by following the link below:


Welcome again to the forum Howard.
Hope to see you out and about on the bikes.

… and welcome here from me! So, you won’t have far to travel to get to the Sussex branch meets then, Howard, just wheel your bike across the road???