Old biker who can’t ride sports bikes anymore, they hurt too much… So bought a diavel :smiley:

I’m in Swansea South Wales, and get out on the bike as often as I can

Hi scubanesh, welcome to DOC GB and Ducati ownership, are you enjoying your Diavel?
Have a look at the website or in ‘Desmo’ to see if there’s any branches in your area - or events - for rideouts

Hello and welcome to the forum, how are you finding it, I was very impressed when I took the demo out a while back?

Sadly there aren’t any groups in my area, did try to join one but no reply, think it the one based in Lancashire ?!?

Mostly I’m madly in love, few things annoy a little…

Around town it is hard work, put it in Urban and it eases slightly
Clang clang of chain on swing arm means I’m forever adjusting chain coz it gets on my nerves
I’m sure there’s a button to tell my horoscope but no fuel gauge ! (Mines 2012)

But I’m just being picky, it’s great fun, comfy (and I’m 6,5") and really makes me grin, it has shocked some of my mates with its handling too, it’s never going to be that quick to turn but is predictable and stable.

So all in all in all I’m VERY happy :slight_smile:

The one is East Lancashire is run by Natalee Claydon-Yates, meets at the Thatch & Thistle, Surrey road, Nelson, 1st Monday of each month … was that the one? Natalee’s meetings are usually well-attended …

Thx mate, not sure, all this Ducati thing is a bit new.

I tried joining in the official Ducati site, desmo club ??? Only a few in UK and London was a monster owners club, if that makes any sense ???

Are you not is Swansea ??
I think you have tried to join DOC through Italy, I live in Lancashire so all are kind of tagged to the club through me so it will only allow Labcashire as area.

Ummmmmm yea, I think lol

The only way to be accepted is to be an official club member, contact memsec@docgb.net it is only £25 per year.

[size=150]Welcome to the forum, and hopefuly soon the DOC GB. [/size]