Hi I am new here and wanted to say hello. Was thining of buying a 748 Bip or a Multistrada 1000S DS, big difference I know but one is an icon of beauty and the other very practical. Can anyone advise which performs better. The multi has more torque but less bhp will it be as qucik as the 748 and handle as good etc.

Hello PDL,

I can’t really comment on the 748 but I do have a 749s & a Multi 1100s and they are very different bikes in many ways.What I can say is that if you choose the Multi, then I believe you would have the better all rounder and with that Torque you don’t really need more BHP. The 748 (dependent on version) will be slightly quicker in certain areas but you can throw the Multi anywhere and it will leave you with a big smile. It does however have it’s little dinks i.e hard going above 90 (on the autobahn of course), and there were quite a few changes made from the early 100ds like seats, fuel sender, mirrors and side stand. When I get on the 749 it feels totally different in the way it delivers its power and the brakes are awesome! If you are going to carry a passenger and want a good riding position and want it for all weathers, then I would choose the Multi. If you want slightly better power, more growl, harder position (for most) but sublime handling, then go for the 748. Just my opinion of course but good luck with your decision and I guarantee you will not be disappointed with either choice!


Hello PDL and welcome
As Kev (Padge)says it really is a matter of one’s choice but I would go for the 748.
Where are you from mate hopefully meet up some time
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The Wirral a great Place to live

Hi yes i am from Warrington


You’re close to both the Cheshire and Manchester branches.

It’s Manchester’s club night tonight (last Wednesday of the month) at the Red Lion on the A6 mid way between junctions 4 and 5 of the M61.

If you’re free why not pop in, anytime from about 7:30.

There’s usually a range of owners and opinions to be had.