Just introducing myself.
I am Steve from Norwich. I ride a MKIII Superlight that I am restoring slowly.


Welcome to the DOCGB forum.

Post some pictures of your bike when you get time.


[size=150]Hi Steve, welcome to forum and club. Check out Norfolk branch bit further north than you but well worth a vistit.
Meet at Gin Trap Inn, Ringstead, PE365JU. Meet on the third Sunday at 2pm. The landlord is the branch organiser.

All the best Guy.
Branches Co-Ordinator.[/size]

Hello and welcome, lovely bike, look forward to seeing it !!

Thanks for the warm welcome so far! I must get to the Gin Trap sometime soon.

Hello and welcome,
That’s a tidy looking example you’ve got there, I noticed on the same page a good mate of mines SL Special the one with the tuned ST3 motor in it,
He’s got that kicking out 120rwbhp now!

Steve R

Hi Steve R,
Shhh… Don’t tell Paul it is on there… I snuck it on from the facebook page I run for the Superlight together with the website… If I recall he wanted to finish it before it went on the main website… You know Paul he is always updating it and it would never be ‘finished’… It is a truely marvelous machine!

Mum’s the word mate…
Paul/Pablo, lives a 10 min’ walk from my home, we went over to the TT stopping with Spaggy’s Port Erin crew in 2010.
There’s a “REAL” 900 in his garage :wink: now though…
He’s looking after my somewhat trick '79 900SS Bevel for me, Paul’s SL Special aka “Watercooled Madness” really is something else though,
but please don’t tell him I said so?

Steve R

P.S. I think my self built/tuned '92 851/916cc bike gives his special a run for it’s money, it’s under 400lbs fully wet and it certainly kicks out more power, it also (IMO) looks a lot more 'ansome!
You can tell 'im I said that bit though. :smiley:

Sounds good… And I won’t tell…!