HID lighting kits

The lights on my 1198 are dire, anyone had experience of HID lighting kits, fitting, quality of kits & is there a big improvement in the light(s) once fitted?
Should I convert both dip & main beam to HID or just dip?

Not heard anybody else complain about them before

AFAIK HID conversion is - strictly speaking - an MOT fail as the HID bulbs are a different size and type to the OEM type and don’t reflect properly. That being said I am yet to read of anyone having been failed for this.

I’ve also read that as there is a slight latency with the light being fully on there could be instances of the main beam not coming on when flashed briefly.

Having said all that I had put a HID in my ST4s’s low beam, and the difference was very notable, to the point I did not change the high beam.