High mileage Ducatis?

My 2003 MTS 1000DS having just clocked 63,000 miles I’m intrigued to know what sort of high mileages have been achieved on UK-registered bikes, and what major work has been needed on the way.

Not really high mileage for it’s age but my 1994 900SS (bought in 1995) has done around 68000 miles. Original cylinder studs replaced when one broke at 14000. Baines spec studs fitted by Baines. Reg/Rec failed at 33000, replaced with Newtronic item. Piston rings and valve guides replaced around 45000. Wiring needs some attention this winter due to an intermittent reluctance to produce sparks and the engine paint and rear wheel coating needs re-doing. Burns a little bit of oil now but still enjoying it including trips to the TT and MGP this year.