Ho Ho Ho from Bristol

Hi all, just got all activated up on here in time for Xmas :smiley:

Brrrrmmmm :laughing:

Hello & welcome, it’s more brrrrrrr than brrmmmmm up here at the moment! :smiley:

… and hello and welcome from me!

Hi from down here in warm Cornwall!

Thanks all for the welcome!
The Brrrrrrrrrr :imp: easily becomes Brrrrrrrrrrm :smiley:
With a good set of thermals and Dainese Scout gloves :laughing:

After all… it’s only weather :wink:

wotcha, welcome aboard :smiley:

Hello from Manchester, see you at Shepton Mallet which is not too far away.

Amen to that Brother…
I personally swear by Held Winter Freezer gloves* and plenty of layers inc’ thermals over the rest of me. :wink:
I bought my 1st pair of these after seeing that they’d come out top in the German Biker mag’s,(it gets a lot colder on main land Europe than it does on our little Island)
mainly because as an everyday biker I was really suffering in the depths of winter, last year inc’ the 3 days that the snow ploughs were out I only missed 5 days out on my bikes.

*Just bought my 2nd set as the stitching was going on the others after several years of daily winter use, I’ve tried nearly all of them over the years (40 years of daily biking) and these are the best I’ve used…FACT!!
Well apart from some I got from Frank Thomas (now that was a F’KIN surprise!) years ago, but when I went to buy some more they’d been discontinued…BOLLOX!

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down boys “n” girls Happy Xmas and more importantly happy biking.

The real Steve R

Ah yes Shepton is fast approaching! Sure it’ll be positively Spring like by then!! :laughing:

Let’s hope so!
I’ll be at Shepton Mallet also.

[size=150]I’ll be at Shepton Mallet on Saturday.[/size]