Holy Island [Lidisfarne]

The long range weather forecast is looking pretty good for late October, which if correct, will give me the opportunity to tick off the next destination on my “Bucket List”, namely Northumberland’s Holy Island. I received some good feedback from my Lands End thread, so I’m hoping for the same for my next trip. My main worry is the condition of the causeway. Google shows photo’s of cars driving over it, but how is it for my ST3? Have any riders here, actually ridden along the causeway to the Island? This, plus recommended b&b’s or campsites in the area, would be most appreciated.
Dave Hughes

Never been there myself, been up the coast in a van, nice views though if I remember.

Likewise …

Thanks guys for your replies. I telephoned the Tourist information for Holy Island and they assured me that it is ok to take bikes onto Lindisfarne, so that is one questioned answered.
Dave Hughes

Never been there Dave, sounds interesting though