Honda loss could be our gain?

Loss of festival and Honda Day ‘tragic’ for Peel - MHK
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With Honda not having their annual “Honda day” in Peel during TT week this year and it being the 30th Anniversary of arguably the most famous TT victory ever, which naturaly was on a Ducati, beating the Works Honda, could this not be a great chance for Ducati, hand in hand with the DOC(GB of course) to cash in on this stupendous gaff by Honda before Suzuki does?

Just a thought!

I can see it now, Peel “Ducati day”


Dare I suggest that Spaggy organises a BBQ, I’m still trying to loose weight! :wink:
I did make the foolish statement that I’d ride my bevel and wear the same leathers I wore in "78…
Only another 2 stone to go, so far I’ve lost…
However Beverly’s raring to go.


Ha, my Sports Motorycles Team T-shirt from '78 is at the Ducati Museum … and it seems to have shrunk a lot over the years too :blush: