How long can one wait?

Good evening everyone from a wet Yeovil. Just recently bought myself a 748 from 2002 with only 6k on the clock. The wife refused point blank when I mentioned I had found one I liked. So like a true champ I dropped the bombshell via text which did not go down to well. Since his arrival I have been put on stop in the bedroom department & after 7 days there seems little or no chance of her putting out. Exactly what can one do? Cheers Cocker

Hello Cocker.
Well, it seems you have some serious grovelling to do, I would start with flowers and go from there! :smiley:


Buy her a Ducati too? :wink:

My Monster is always willing…Loves a good hard ride, and always satisfies.

I always climb off wearing a big grin… :smiley:

Good luck with the new bike mate… :sunglasses:

Explain that it is an investment and can only go up in value.

Investment will work or just look at the bike and ride that, you can then lock it in the garage …

one that’s easy peasy wait until you get the D bug.
It’s a cinch until you can’t hide them anymore.

A fellow Ducatista who will remain anonymous accompanies each bike purchase with some serious bling for his other half, like jewellery or handbag. Seems to work, but makes his Ducs SERIOUSLY expensive! :stuck_out_tongue: