How the other half operate

I was at the national sidecar club rally over the weekend. excellent event and I was most impressed by certain aspects of how the sidecar club organise themselves. The sidecar club are well into their own organised meets and rallies, so are well worth picking up a few tips from!

I found it incredible that they were able to give me handouts for next years rallies now, including full Itinerates, how about that for organisation! The club magazne revolve around club organised events and meets, and I’m guessing that the above two facts have a lot to do with the fact that nearly half the membership turned up at the weekends rally!!!

The venue was excellent too, so i thought it worth passing this on in case anyone needs a venue in the Herefordshire area, just off one of Britains greatest riding roads, the A44.
The Luctonians RFC,
Mortimer Park,

Tel 01568 70 90 80



Always worth taking a look at how others do things!


Good to hear that you had a great time Keith and that the sidecar club put on a good event…
However we both know that if you want to put on an excellent rally, you need look no further than the Guzzi clubs V Twin Rally as a template.

That said this coming weekend I’ll be at the DOCGB’s Southern Rally, will I be meeting up with you Barbara and the young Master?

Steve R

Despite this years Southern being the first I am not away for many years, Barbara had an eye operation today, so I will be waiting on the patient hand and foot at home all weekend!


PS, the thing we noticed about the Sdecar rally was that it was on a par with the V twin, really was that good- apart from the lack of Dukes that is!

PPS, more help for DOC rally organisors, the band at the sidecar rally was one of the finest I’ve seen. Called airbag, book them up through their website at

Hi Keith,
Please give Barbara my best wishes on a speedy recovery.

Nessie’s going in on Wednesday to have her ankle fused.

Steve R

Should this thread be re-named ‘how our other halves are operated on’?

Wishing your respective spouses a speedy recovery. Mind you, it does make me think how none of us are getting any younger. Who’ll be th first to bring a grandchild to a rally?

Hi Graham,
I think Alan and Nora Long have down that already mate.

Steve R