How to add a picture to your post

  1. Create the post and insert whatever words you want into the message box

  2. You now have 2 choices

a. Click on the Attachments tab below the text area, Click ‘Add Files’. A file explorer window will appear for you to select the file. Once selected it will appear below the ‘Add Files’ button.

b. Open a file explorer window directly from your pc and ‘drag and drop’ the file into the message box. The file will appear below the ‘Add Files’ button.


If the file you have uploaded matches the rules related to size (1000px wide x 800px high) it will appear with a ‘Place inline’ button beside it and a green tick will show in the status column but if it does not the button will not be there:

Once the ‘Place inline’ button is visible place your cursor in the message box in the location you want the picture to appear and then click the ‘Place inline’ button. Text will be added to the message box that will look like this:

attachment=0]add a picture.JPG[/attachment (I have removed the leading and trailing bracket else it would insert the picture again)

You can add multiple files by repeating the process.