How to place an image ?

Hi, I’m trying to put a pic of mt bike on the forum ! Can nayone send me details on how to do it.
Cheers Pete. :blush:

You need to host the image online either on your own webspace if you have any or sign up with photobucket , imageshack or one of the other hosting sites , then use the Img tab at the top of the reply to post page then copy and paste the url for the image like so {Img} url{/Img} (Replace the { } with [ ] to make it work ) and that’s all there is to it :wink: If the image isn’t to big I could host it for you and then send you the link to use ? Just give me a shout .


I’ve tried this using my Flikr account site and I end up with this img][/img When submitted I just get the word text and no photo. what am I missing? ( I’ve removed the outer brackets on purpose so the rest remains as typed)



OK I’m a dimwit - what did I do wrong?


I think in this case if it’s your Flickr site you (logged in) go to the photo, click on “All Sizes” then copy the address down below where it says “Grab the photo’s URL”. Paste that address on your response to this, then highlight it, then hit the ‘Img’ button.


Thanks Bob
That seems to work

Nice one!