Howdy From Buxton!

Hi all, had three Ducatis in the '80s (860GTS, 860GT & 900SSD) so you will know why I’ve now got another bevel twin, an 860GTE. Bought her very end of last year pining away under a cover and have spent the last 4 months in the garage trying to get her back on the road - it’s been at least 25+ years since she’s had the chance to clear her throat and spin her wheels poor old thing! Anyway, long story short, managed to get her running, then MOT’d and taxed her end of last week. She still needs a lot of fettling and attention but, by gum, she’s worth it! Got a thread on the Ducati Up North I can post if anyone’s interested.

Me, I’ve been biking all seasons since mid '70s, been a London despatch rider for quite a few years picking up horrendous habits in the '80s and gone through about 90 bikes all told. Ducatis always been a love/hate relationship but when you’re full throttle on a fast bend with a Duke wearing Contis, nothing can beat that experience! :sunglasses:

This picture taken the day after the GTE’s MOT on the notorious A537 Cat n Fiddle road which is my playground:

I know, I know, GT Dukes are supposed to be fugly but, to me, she’s a real beauty! :mrgreen:

Lovely Ducati - I had a black and gold 860 GT/ES many years ago :slight_smile:
I also know the roads around the Cat & Fiddle area, I lived in Whaley Bridge when I worked at Sports Motorcycles, great roads around there …

My 900SSD was black and gold, a great combination of colours IMHO. Whaley Bridge to Buxton road is a good run for a bike but beware the odd mobile camera these days…

[size=150]Welcome Nix. Nice bike well done for bringing her back to life.[/size]

Those cameras get everywhere … :unamused:

Hello from Manchester, look forward to seeing you at some point

Indeed! Want to go to some meets once the bike’s got a little more sorted out, got some new carbs to go, brakes need to be a bit better etc etc

Very nice, good to see it being used.

Any other old bevels within a 50 mile or so radius of Buxton perchance?

Be good to meet up at some stage…

Well, you’re about 60 miles from me, I’m afraid.

Hi Kevin - what bevel do you have?

My 1984 900SD Darmah, owned from new 80,000+ miles, my first Ducati, been hooked on them ever since.

[attachment=0]2012-09-08 044.jpg[/attachment]

What a beauty! Always loved the black/gold combination, think it really suits the Darmah range.

Yours reminds me of my 3rd 860/900 Ducati which I should never have let go :frowning:

That looks nice too, SSD with a MHR fairing?
I think everyone regrets selling a bevel, mines going nowhere, couldn’t part with it!

Yup, you got it, SSD with the MHR fairing, never saw another one quite like it. It was a love/hate relationship ha! When she was on the road (99% if the time) she was unbeatable but when the gearbox started going, aaahhhhhhhh! But still, it was the one bike I regret selling the mostout of about 90 bikes. Only did it cos, at the time, I went to NZ and I didn’t know whether I was coming back to the UK or not. Silly me! :unamused:

I’ve just noticed the sign on the church in the background, was that deliberate! :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ha ha! Very good, not many people see or get that, yes, the photo with the sign was indeed deliberate, couldn’t resist it. You get yourself two brownie points m8ty. :laughing: