Hypermotard clutch

I’ve got a Hypermotard 1100 evo, 2011, and am wondering if the clutch mod I’ve read about would be OK to do on it.
Some people put a friction plate to the furthest inside position to quieten the clutch noise in neutral. Apparently this stops the rattle you get in neutral with the clutch lever out. Everyone who has done this mod on older Ducs says it works well and does not cause faster wear. But I’m worried that this might cause damage to the basket , as it puts load on to this. Do I need a steel basket for this to work or would it be OK to go ahead and do this? I’ve got an anti clank pressure plate and an open case, and love it like this but the noise is quite loud. The anti clank plate also helps smooth the clutch operation which is noticeable when pulling away.
You apparently still get all the usual Ducati dry clutch noise but not the rattle out of gear, sounds like a good mod if it doesn’t do any harm.
If anyone one could let me know if they’ve done this on a Hyper and any other comments about this would be appreciated.

Hi Andy,
My experience is with an ST2, and I can confirm that the mod works; from my own experience and from what I have read elsewhere it does not appear to have noticeable negative effects. There are a few things to bear in mind:
If your basket already has notches, or the tangs on your plates are worn, the benefits of the mod will be minimal. It’s best to do it with new(ish) items; less rattle means less wear.
NEVER mix steel plates with an alloy basket, and alloy plates with a steel baskets; in both cases it will result in very fast wear and noise.
If you add a friction plate you will need to ensure that the increased stack height does not cause drag - notably making it hard to find neutral. Total stack height is adjusted by mixing up 1.5 and 2mm steel driven plates. Be mindful not to extract the dished plate (identifiable by a dot on one of the teeth) by mistake, if your stack has one.

Usual caveat: what works for me may not work for you. The responsibility for any damage or injury caused by following my example remains with you. :wink:

Thanx very much for your reply Michael.
Happy biking and Xmas to you. :slight_smile: