Idle hands make work for the devil!

Got a few days rostered off work. Thought I’d clear out the shed and get all
those Ducati bits I don’t need sold off. Course the weathers turned bad now
so i can’t.

Oh what to do…

…I know I’ll open the garage door and start up the Bevel. Havn’t heard
her for quite a while.


shame there is no audio link could have turned the volume up, winds the misses up when i do it on u tube! :smiley:
why cant you listen to music she says, try to tell her it is, just get funny look. they just dont understand how long these winter months are!

Any of those ‘bits’ be for a rubber band 900SS (see new post)?

If I can ever fight my way through the gales to clear out the shed I’ll let you know, fair few 900M bits though!

She sounded great by the way.