ignatz says hi


I’m based in Bromley, Kent with a 250 desmo.

Back into riding after a long break- driving cars. Summer and fine weather only.

Previously Honda moped, Yamaha RS100, Ducati 250 mk3, Honda 250RS.

I hear from my Mot man that there are other singles in the area- 1 in Orpington, 1 in Beckenham. If anyone knows how to contact them, I’d be very interested. Too old, possible wise, to even try to keep up with the modern metal.


Its not what you do its the way that you do it.

Single owner here in Didcot Oxfordshire. guess thats a bit far really, but welcome to the forum!

Hello there and welcome…

Welcome to the forums ignatz :sunglasses:

Welcome to the site.
It’s a bit quite on here since the re-launch as a members only site, but it’s picking up slowly.
The good news is that a lot of the lads who do visit regulary are singles owners/enthusiasts.
I also have a '74 250 Desmo (Disc) which I’m slowly rebuilding, it’s taking some time as I’ve got a few other projects on the go, with little cash to go round all of them.
How long have you had your 250, where did you get it, is it standard or has it been modified?
On the too old or wise to try to keep up with the modern stuff, a former top classic Ducati single’s racer said to me he’s never ridden the modern twins as they’re far to fast and he’d find them frightening.

Steve R (Southern)

PS. I’m sure the Northern Steve R will be along soon he’s also into his Singles.

howdoo, welcome aboard :smiley:

Hi and welcome, as stated my Steve R southern, Steve R northern here and owning 350 mark III 1974 and 125 sport circa 1958.

“Hi” from another singles (and twin) owner,

1962 200GT
1974 239 MkIII (not on the road yet, but not far off)
1980 Darmah SS
Widecase 250 racer - spring head revs to 10,500 then the valves start bouncing against the piston :laughing: . Would love to find out how hard a desmo head could be revved without those springs to limit it :open_mouth:
Plus a couple of widecase frames and a Spanish narrowcase frame all waiting for me to retire and get on with building them.

The ‘Singles’ section of the forum is a really good source of help and information.