ignatz's 250 desmo

s494.photobucket.com/albums/rr30 … ducati.jpg

Having trouble with images…you’re not the first, i found a way to do it by uplopading my photos to photobucket.com (it’s free) and then pasting the img link into the post, if you look at the site you’ll see what I mean.

Looks like the Yahoo group where your photo is living needs anyone else to register with the group to view it.
Kev’s idea sounds good - would love to see the Desmo.




Here it is at
s494.photobucket.com/albums/rr30 … ducati.jpg


Looks good.
Along with the 750 Sport, the desmo singles are some of the best looking bikes.



Both designed by Leopoldo Tartarini who later also designed the Darmah. In the mid-50s, he was a factory rider (Motogiro, Milan-Tarranto etc). In 1957, he and Giorgio Monetti, the Ducati Export Sales Manager, made a round-the-world tour on a pair of 175s - 11 months, 60,000 km, 42 countries.

In 1959, he founded Italjet.

A man who often doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, IMHO.



And it’s running well again. I gave up in the end and took it off to Brian Silver at MotoMariana. He tweaked it all over inc putting in the right size of main jet. Apparently it had the right size for a 450!!! Aha. Got me all the way back to Bromley via Reading (my mistake) cruising down the M25. What fun. What joy.