ignition boxes

Hi chaps in great need of an ignition amplifier box for 900ss 91 97 year am in wiltshire boxes off everything with kokusan ignition will fit

Just a note of caution on using a booster amplifier - check you have decent ignition modules… the ones used for a couple of years in the mid 90’s will melt if you amplify them … the ‘potting’ is either dark blue or black … blue are ok, black may need to be changed…

of course if it’s just a case of replacing a knackered standard part with another similar one, ignore the part about needing the more robust ones :unamused:

I’ve been watching some discussions on monster threads and they (mainly yanks/germans) are investigating using programmable ignitions on carb’d engines so they can create a variable ignition map ala engine management systems, but retain carbs ! …quite simple as the control boxes use the standard ignition pulsers to work out revs, but it means you can use FCRs and still optimise advance curves throughout the rev range… Google and enjoy :ugeek:

Hi wilbert how goes with the head porting got another ig box runs again have ordered one of the progammable ignition boxes only 115 quid delivered

Heads ported so they now match and flow way better than stock - going to wait and see if I can get the rest of the bits (fcr’s, hi comp pistons and, if 94mm, barrels) at the classic show at Stafford on Saturday before stripping engine down… then it’ll be getting shimmed, new belts, lightened flywheel, lightweight clutch etc… it really needs a service anyway after winter ravages to put right all the little niggly faults, but hey, what would I ride ?

Check out Moto one’s notebook. They’ve put a new piece of prog ignitions, and a few suggestions for maps that worked on their 2V bikes… not so much power improvements as cleaner and smoother in low and mid ranges…