Igniton parts for Bevel

Pleased to see the wide veriety of ignition parts available for the old Bevels these days. because of a repeat intermittant fault with the spark on mine that dissapears every time I lift off the tank to try and trace it, I’m replacing the lot. Wiring Harness (Mario Sassy) Ignition box is coming from Igni Tech which is plug and play for the bevel and comes with software to set up the advance curve how you want. I read a report by one guy who had fitted one to a Bevel and it ticked over from cold, which i’m looking forward to. BTW this box can be used for any of the carb model Dukes, so you can now replace your digiplex for £130 euros! New Honda regulator is sat waiting to be fitted as well as new switchgear.

Electrex do not have alternators for the 900SS at the Moment, not sure when they will be available again, so if anyone knows a good alternative source I’d be interested in paying around £90 as thats how much they will cost from electrex when they are available, as I am fed up with replacing the regulater every 5 mins and I don’t want to melt my new wiring loom (the original is a sort of gooey mess!)

Coils. Loads available, Electrex made for the bike with correct mountings and 2.3 Ohms are £35 each., Igi Tech make suitable coils for 25Euros but they have 90mm fixings not 80mm, and then theirs the 3ohm Dyna coils at around £150 a pair. I’d like to know if their is any point in paying out the extra???



Thanks for all your help and replies. All sorted now. New alternator, regulator, coils sat on seat of bike waiting to be fitted.