I'm Dirty

But not literally :smiley:

I’m known and have been posting on the FB pages for a while. Monster owner since 2012. It is my first Ducati and bought as a fill in but I’ve fallen in love and will be keeping it forever now. May add to the stable at some point, the Panis are tempting me!

Recently had an interesting experience on eBay which I’m hoping the admin will allow me to post here as it will be very helpful to those who buy Ducati parts there.

Hello Dirty :wink:
Pleased to hear that you’re enjoying Ducati ownership - and welcome to the forum.
Might be best to contact Steve P and / or the DOC GB Council of Management re any tricky posts (think I’ve read about it on the Kent branch of DOC GB Facebook page!)

Hi Desmo

Thanks. Yes I did post on the Kent page. Would love to contact admin to check first but am not allowed PM access yet. perhaps they could contact me if they see this?

There is a “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every page of the forum. Use this to contact the Admin team

Hi Dirty!,… Ha ha,

I’ve seen and read this post, and what Damien has written , in my opinion, is perfectly acceptable on the forum, as it lays out facts, nothing more nothing less, Wayne ( CoM…MagRep)