Im new here and on No2 ST2 !

Well I’ve always wanted a Ducati but my tall build means any ‘full’ sports is a pure no no for me!

At 55yrs of age I decided to risk selling all my bikes and buying a classic car ( 1927 Morris Cowley tourer) a landrover defender (1999) and with the small change left I purchased a minter of a RED ducati ST2

So far apart from a general service Including belts, a few bits like a fender extender, return to standard brake and clutch levers
all is well?( famous last words)

All I’ll say is the belt change was a ‘Bu**er’ ( and that wasn’t BUTTER) all because of my XXXL hands.

still the next one will be two years away ( I certainly won’t be covering 10,000miles in that time!)
Why do Ducati service always start with REMOVE FAIRING :unamused:

Ah the good old ST2 fairing, who ever designed it needs shooting!


any bike where you start by removing the dash surround, then the mirrors, top fairing, side fairing and belly pan fairing to do basic servicing…let us say ain’t perfect…but the ST range is beautiful to own & ride :laughing:

Shame it looks like a dogs breakfast!! How could anything so fugly possibly come from Italy?

Easy Tiger…
I once or twice let slip that I think the 749/999 range is sooo fugly, you can’t believe how upset some of the owners can get. :unamused:
Did PTB also design the ST2?

Steve R

Ah Steve, a good point but I actually own one! Not sure of PTB designed it, but I would be surprised if he did. Whilst I’m slowly warming to the 749/999 design, the ST still stuns me with its 'orrible looks!! Not bad to ride though.

Look I came from a BMW 1150GSA…now that is so ugly its a joke in the looker stakes, the ST is a mona lisa in comparison :smiley:

You get the idea below also why I can’t ride a Ducati Sports bike…
I’m a bit TALL, I’m size12 boots, XXXL hands, even 6’06" arm span but short legs are a bonus for me!

The ST 2 looks a little bit lost beneath me but at least its rideable now I’ve lost a couple of stone !

i like it,althogh mine has a different top faring and screen, and the fact they are viewed as a bit of a munter makes em nice and affordable. :smiley:
plenty quick enough for me too :smiley:

Updated photo after I spent a while playing silly with ducati performance stickers Agip stickers and a pair of neoprene ‘socks’ for the front forks!

yeah 'what an fugly bike :smiley::laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Just a quick update :wink:
I’ve now sold the RED ST2 and alas moved onto a Triumph Thruxton
The upside is as I’ve cleared my garage out I’ve found a couple of bits that somehow didn’t go with the bike on sale
( I couldn’t find them :confused: )
I will list them in the FOR SALE section as its a Brand New Alloy Gold adonised TALON 42t x 525 ( podium racing) rear sprocket that would suit a ST2/ ST3/ST4/ ST4S and the gold alloy nuts to go with the Sprocket.

NOW SOLD :sunglasses: