I'm new to you but not ducati's

hello to you all, my name is Paul and have owned my 91 750ss for around 5 years. Just joined the club, have been to one meet, and there’s one tomorrow. On top of the 750 I’m also lucky to own a SS Junior of a 92 vintage. Bike currently being brought back to life after 10 years in a garage in Belfast. Any one else own a 400ss??

Welcome, I have seen a few 400s but I don’t know any owners. I am sure that there are a few around though

[size=150]Welcome to the club.[/size]

Welcome to the club Lumbux.
There’s a 400ss in the Cambridgeshire area, it was at Ducati days a few years ago.


… and welcome to DOC GB from me! Hope you’re enjoying your 400SS, I rode one some years ago, very nice!

Thanks everyone, been a bit slow to reply as I have been putting the 400 back together. Hope to have it on the club stand at the CopDock bike show. Haven’t really used my 750, only been back a forward to work, and one club meet. She is totally original and covered nearly 50,000 miles. Hope to see you all in the further, be looking for a white frame, white wheel 900 next when the 400 done.

Great! :slight_smile: