Info that was on old "secret" COM page

Kevin pointed out that there was a “secret” COM page on the old web site. Rather than recreate it on the website it makes sense to add it here in the COM section of the forum. If anybody wants any other data to be added please let me know and I will do so.

DOCCOM Mailing List

If any messgaes are sent to this mailing list from an unregistered email address it will be bounced back

COM members Email Addresses

Each COM member has a dedicated email address at

Advertising -
BMF Representative -
Branch Co-ordinator -
Chairman -
DESMO Editor -
Events Officer -
Membership Secretary -
Northern Rally Organiser -
Regalia -
Secretary -
Southern Rally Organiser -
Technical Literature -
Tool Hire Secretary -
Treasurer -
Webmaster -

If you have not been given your login and set-up details, please email

Other Distribution Lists - goes to all branch reps

This email address is not public knowledge - please do not share it outside the COM.


If you would like any of the clubs logo image files please email Kevin or myself