information 900 supersport

i have 1989/90 supersport i have been trying to get as much info on the history of this bike as i can but am finding this hard.
i know the yanks got a 750 version with carbs, but mine has hydraulic clutch and is fuel injected! i have heard they used Pantah engines and fi frames?
if anyone has any information to share would be grateful.

Try a Ian Falloon book I think this is probably the right one:

Ian writes great books with just the sort of detail you’re after.

ordered book thanks for reply. :smiley:

read book found out my bike is a bitsa. 750 frame, some 851 running gear (no bad thing) and paso 906 engine.
in the words of my better half, now i know i can stop banging on about it and shut the f*** up.
apparently i talk about Ducatis quite a lot. :astonished:

Is that an ‘official’ factory bitsa in the great tradition of employee ‘Guido’ who fitted whatever came to hand that day thus ensuring no two bikes were ever the same :unamused: or the work of a DPO (despised previous owner/s) :question:

PS what did you think of the book?

official factory bitsa, the 750 frame is based on the f1 750 which would explain the sweet handling.
my bike has had total ground up nut and bolt restoration, the only aftermarket part being Maxton rear shock.
gotta stop writing otherwise i will end up writing an essay.

Go for the essay and stick it in the Desmodues section .This is just what we need :exclamation:
I can vouch for Maxton stuff, are you sure the front end hasn’t been Maxtonised? Rears are normally easier to tell now, I think due to them fitting the blue/purple springs.

you were right checked through receipts front end re worked by Moto Rapido damping sorted.