Insurance for oldies

Looking for help and reassurance. Currently riding (when allowed) a 748 and a Supersport (2018). I reach the age of 80 this May and would like to know what the policy of Ducati insurance is to older riders. I would like to extend or take out a new PCP deal but reluctant if insurance is refused. I have a clean record and in good health. prior to lockdown restrictions did about 8-10k miles p.a.

Hello Graham and thanks for the message. Here at Ducati Insurance, age is no reason alone why we wouldn’t be able to offer a rate. We have schemes able to adequately cater for riders aged 80+ so I’d suggest you contact us on 0800 089 0150 when you are ready for a quote.


Hi Grant,
Thanks for the reply. Really put my mind at rest. Will be in touch in July. Once again thank you.