insurance valuation

Hi need a valuation for agreed value insurance on my 94 strada
any advice? does the club offer this?
Steve B

Do the Insurance need proof or just a verbal valuation ??

Just scour the MCN, Classic bike mag’s etc and supply the insurance co’ with what you’ve found.
My guess would be around the 5+1/2 K mark.

Steve R

Hi Steve,

I realize that this post is going back a bit, but maybe in the meantime you’ve sorted out this valuation issue for an agreed value with your insurance company.

Or if anyone else has had a similar issue, could they please enlighten me as to how this works :exclamation:

I’ve just been talking to Footman James and they insist that I have to have someone from DOC (or similar organization) to value my Hailwood Replica, before they will agree a value. I’m looking at between 11k to13k. Pictures no problem, I have enough of those. If this is the case, who do I contac :question:

I would be nice to get the bike on the road before the year is out :sunglasses:


I’ve done insurance valuations before for the club as Club Secretary. Happy to help this time - but I’m away for the next week now.

Still having it out with the insurance company for the moment, but still not sure if I’m winning. I should know more in a few days time.

Offer really appreciated, I’ll let you know. Enjoy your few days off.