Insurance Valuations

Since my bike has been accepted as a classic by FJ, I now need a valuation. What’s the best way to get this?
Its an SP4 888 and I live in Portsmouth.
I have to admit to being a very passive member of the club, but it’s good to know the technical support is there.

Hi Chris,

Just went through this with AON with a bevel SS. … fault.aspx

I’m sure it varies by company but it couldn’t have been easier with them. I asked them to insure it for an agreed value (about 60% higher than the last value I had given for it a long time ago) and they asked me to describe the bike. They accepted my valuation on the phone, subject to me filling in a short form they sent to the house the next day.

Emailed them dated photos (a current newspaper on the seat), gave links to ads of similar others for sale, said it was in fine cosmetic and mechanical condition, had been displayed at certain events (all DOCGB!) and they were happy to charge about £25 more in premium for the difference. So they trusted themselves for a price. Took me no time and little effort.

If that doesn’t do it for you, I believe Tony Brancato will supply a letter for a price but that might be the long way around. If you have a mechanic or noted classic bike dealer like John Fallon ( who would write you a one-liner that might be enough. Be sure to say you’re a DOCGB member!