Hi All,

Just a quick post on the Sussex forum to introduce myself.
My name is Ells and i’m a born and bred Brightonian who now lives in Hove. I am now on my second Ducati, my first being a 848 Streetfighter and now i am the very proud owner of a Monster 1200s and I’m loving her! I am often to be found hooning around the A272, usually stopping at Whiteways Cafe for wet.
I work away during the week (Military) but am always available on a dry weekend for a meet up and ride out.

I hope this post finds you all well, safe Riding!

I moved the topic to the correct location.

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Welcome Ells, ex matelot here so nice to hear of forces anytime. More so when they have had the SF848 followed by new Monster as am interested in them both as next bike! Haha.

Thanks Slinemfc, I’ll forgive you for being an ex matelot! lol
They are both great bikes but must say that i am enjoying the monster more as its somewhat comfier to ride.
Happy riding

Thanks Steve,
Apologies for being a novice, this is the first forum I’ve ever signed up to.


no probs :smiley:

Hello and welcome, Ells, to DOC GB forum and Ducati ownership. Maybe we will see you at one of the Sussex branch events? I think the next one is a meet at the Goodwood Breakfast Club, 4th October.
Incidentally, my first husband was a matelot, and we both owned Ducatis! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Ells.