IOM TT (28th May - 10th June)

Thought I would start you all thinking about attending arguably the most exciting road racing in the world. It might seem a bit early but early booking is essential.

If anybody is thinking of coming over and wants any advice or help to get things organised please feel free to ask. We will have 3 DOCGB events organised during race week:

Sunday 5th June - meet at the Grandstand @ 6am (6:15am start) for an early morning lap of the TT circuit - let’s wake up those villages to the sound of some Ducatis :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:. I know it is early but if you leave it much later the roads get too busy.

Sunday 5th June - DOCGB TT Mad Sunday Rally. This will be at the Sulby Glen Hotel.

Thursday 9th June - DOCGB TT BBQ (location to be confirmed). We will meet @ approx 7pm.

Steve P

I only wish I could Steve, I have to get my backside over there at some point, TT or not.

Get your rse in gear Martyn.

I have a Ferry ticket for Bike & Rider Outward from Heysham 02:15 Friday 3rd June, returning to Liverpool at 10:30am Monday 13th June (from Douglas at 07:30).

Yours for the face value - £253.00.

If you don’t contact me by the end of this week I will then make it available to anyone else on this forum.

I don’t want excuses!

bargain!! How can you resist that, Martyn?

Looking forward to my first visit to the island let alone the TT (bucket list item ticked). Any objections to my brother in law attending events on a *onda? I’d like to think you all could help me get him back from the darkside :slight_smile:

I wish I could, WDW is the month after, I cannot get the time off work for both.

It is so tempting and I do the lottery !!!

How about a long weekend at the TT? Out Friday, Racing Saturday, Mad Sunday, Racing Monday, and back home Tuesday?

Get the ticket and change the return day, it should be easy to get a place on one of the half-empty midweek boats.

While you are there you can give me some advice about WDW, I have booked time off for it.
(I just need to find a good Yoga teacher to prepare me for Italy and back in 6 days on the SPS).

I will see, don’t lose out by holding the ticket for me though, will have a chat about WDW no problem

I’m new to the group … with a standard 899 i got late last year.
I’m going over 31st May, returning middle of race week so will hopefully see some of you over there.